Childhood Heroes….

Today, one of my biggest childhood heroes passed away:

In the mid-70s, this guy was right up there with Captain Kirk for me. (Of course, by ’77, Star Wars showed up, and that was that.)

When you’re a kid, it doesn’t matter if the guy is really a hard-drinking, brawling, possibly racist and abusive redneck. He and his motorcycle flew. That’s all that mattered.

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  1. Do kids even ramp anymore? Back then we couldn’t wait to ride our bikes as fast as we could through the front forest and then go flying off of a hastily propped up board.

    These days kids are railing, half-piping, and stuff, pretending to be Tony Hawk. But back in the 70’s, flying for a fraction of a second on my banana-seat bike, I was him.


  2. He is one of the two major reasons my younger brother grew up to be a paramedic (the other was the TV show “Emergency”). When we were kids, we had the crank-powered stunt bike toys and inflicted all manner of virtual harm on them. Younger bro kitted out an off-scale toy moving van as a mobile hospital for our Evel Knievel misadventures. After all the failed attempts to jump Bedroom Gorge, we needed it.

  3. Truth.

    Our favorite bike-riding spot was a 30° incline for 150 feet, ending in an undeveloped-cul-de-sac, light woods, and a sheet of plywood.

    Good times.

  4. I busted the frames of two bicycles jumping boxes, and nearly broke bones several times. Had to quit it when my parents wouldn’t buy me anymore bikes.

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