Kid-friendly TORCHWOOD

I figured that with Martha appearing in Series 2, they would have to do something like this.

Specially-edited “kid-friendly” versions of the TORCHWOOD series 2 episodes will air a few days after each first-run episode.

They had made an effort to keep the shows separate, but with a WHO companion appearing, I can’t see as they had any choice but to do this. Although, I suppose this means that series 2 won’t have any episodes where the adult content drives the plot (like series 1’s “Day One” and its sex-driven alien) — otherwise the edited version would be about 12 minutes long!

5 Replies to “Kid-friendly TORCHWOOD”

  1. Interesting. Given what I thought of Torchwood Season One (an excuse for Davies to go around saying “Look, I’m adult, see? Watch!”), I might actually prefer the kid-oriented version. :)

  2. Boo! Hiss! One of the key things I like about Torchwood is that it doesn’t attempt to be family friendly and touches on many more adult-related themes than most other shows even hint at. Won’t be the same next season at all.

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