Today’s Holiday “WTF???”

Planned on doing some Christmas shopping via Amazon.

Picked several items, all of which are labeled as “in Stock.”

However, when I get to checkout, I get a message saying that my entire order will arrive AFTER Dec. 25th, no matter what shipping method I pick.

For items that are in stock.

Two weeks before Christmas.

The fuck?

2 Replies to “Today’s Holiday “WTF???””

  1. I got an email notice from Amazon about the “last chance” deadline awhile back. Many mail-order places have early cut-offs for Christmas delivery. Places like that get hammered this time of year.

    It’s most likely not that they’re delaying orders just for the fun of it, but because it’s all they can do to get their current overload of orders packed and shipped in time. It doesn’t matter if the items are in stock if they don’t have time to pull and pack them with everything else that’s already in the queue.

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