You Don’t Matter, Apparently

So, the ever-more-desperate Clinton campaign isn’t satisfied with claiming that the 23 states won by Obama somehow don’t matter as much as the 11 won by Clinton…, the problem is anyone who voted by caucus:

In an interview with WMAL, Bill Clinton said:

“the caucuses aren’t good for her. They disproportionately favor upper-income voters who, who, don’t really need a president but feel like they need a change.”

That’s right, kids — caucuses favor “upper-income voters” (goddamn rich people)….and besides we all know that kind “don’t really NEED a president.”




Never mind that the data indicates the opposite — that lower-income as well as upper-income voters are supporting Obama in greater numbers than Clinton — what kind of anti-democratic bullshit is “they don’t really NEED a president”??

The Clintons just need to admit the real reason for their piss-poor performance in caucuses — they don’t have a campaign as organized and filled with enthusiastic supporters as Obama, and bluntly, they’re having trouble winning states without strong old-guard Democratic Party machines to do all the work.

If Obama is smart, he’ll start telling people in the states that have caucuses coming up what the Clintons think of them, and the fact that they apparently “don’t really need a president.”

In related “upper income” news — Obama has been endorsed by the Service Employees International Union, the largest union in the country, and the United Food and Commercial Workers endorsed him yesterday. Goddamn rich people…. :)

Friday Music

Here we go again….

On the last episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”, it showed him recording some material with UK trip-hop outfit Morcheeba. The bit featured in the episode was a track where he talks about Michael Caine in Get Carter, but I found out that track hasn’t been released yet. I tracked down the following single, though, which is based on one of Bourdain’s short fiction pieces: Morcheeba (feat. Anthony Bourdain) – “Lisa.”

The bit of music that was used in all of the advertising for the third Jason Bourne film, The Bourne Ultimatum, but did not appear on the soundtrack. An excellent piece by Crystal Method, featuring a now-thankfully-Fred-Durst-less Wes Borland on guitar: Crystal Method – “Weapons of Mass Distortion.”

Thanks to , the wife and I got to see Across The Universe last night. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Most of the Beatles covers were OK (more serving the plot than standing out as musical virtuosity), but I was floored by this rendition of “Let It Be”, which starts acapella, and then brings in a Gospel choir. Amazing: Timothy T. Mitchum, Carol Woods, and choir – “Let It Be.”

One of the songs that I was listening to quite a bit in the mid-80s, that thankfully has not been co-opted by the false-nostalgia merchants desperate to convince middle-of-the-road America that they listened to “I’ll Melt With You” back then…. Dramarama – “Anything, Anything.”

For all the folks who are all squishy and romantic, whether because of yesterday’s Corporately-Mandated Expression of Love Day or otherwise, one of my favorite love songs, and my all-time favorite song by Ani DiFranco. Ani DiFranco – “As Is.”

Keeping it in the love song mode for a bit, some new stuff from producer extraordinaire (and Grammy winner as Producer of the Year) Mark Ronson, who put together this cover a Mary J. Blige tune for a tribute album marking the 40th anniversary of BBC Radio 1: Mark Ronson (feat. Wale) – “You’re All I Need To Get By.”

And lastly, more hipster-spy electronica from NYC-based Ursula1000 (who did “Kinda Kinky” that I posted a long while back, for those that remember)…Ursula1000 – “The Girl from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.”

There ya go! Enjoy.