Nader Flexing His Ego Again…

I’m sure you’ve all seen this already: Nader is running for President again.

More ego, more hubris….and delusional this time around as well. Some quotes from his announcement:

“There are conservatives who are furious with Bush over the deficit, over corporate subsidies, over corporate pornography directed toward children, over the Patriot Act, over many other issues. And they may be looking for an Independent candidacy. There are liberal Republicans who see their party taken away from them. They may be looking for an Independent candidacy. There are a hundred million non- voters that no one has figured out how to bring back into the electoral system, which I want to try to do.”

Has this Alan-Alda-wannabe even LOOKED at the demographics that Obama is drawing? Earth to Ralph: The ground you seek is already occupied.

“And it’s time to change the equation and bring millions of American people into the political arena”

“I hope millions of Americans will agree if they want fresh ideas, new ideas, solutions, but above all, if they want to become, in Jefferson’s term, “participators” in our democratic society.”

Somebody should send Ralph the videos of a thousand students marching in Texas, the overflowing caucus crowds here in Kansas, the record turn-outs everywhere in the Democratic race….and most of them because of Obama.

Ralph, you’re over, buddy. You were done in 2000. You just don’t know it yet.