Friday Music

Here we go….

Scarlett Johansson is the latest to try the actress-turned-singer route — she’s got her first album coming out later this month. The difference is that Scarlett’s album is a collection of Tom Waits covers — and she’s got folks like David Bowie providing backing vocals. For example: Scarlett Johansson – “Falling Down (feat. David Bowie).”

Also out later this month is Same As It Never Was, the new album from UK jazz/electronic/hip-hop/just-plain-fucking-COOL group The Herbaliser. Since I’m on their mailing list, they sent me a link to a free mp3 from the new stuff — a smoking retro-soul-ish track: The Herbaliser – “You’re Not All That (feat. Jessica Darling — Radio Edit).”

Paris-based DJ Pilooski has done an interesting remix of an old, lesser-known Del Shannon tune. I really like how this one turned out: Del Shannon – “Gemini (Pilooski Edit)”

I’ve been listening quite a bit to the soundtrack of the UK TV series Ashes to Ashes — sequel to Life on Mars, but this time it’s Keeley Hawes sent back to 1981. I enjoyed the show (not quite as much as LOM, but that was uniquely brilliant), and the soundtrack is full of gems from 81. Like this one: Tenpole Tudor – “Swords of a Thousand Men.”

Speaking of the 80s, this one has been stuck in my head for a bit, and I have no other reason to post it other than the fact that it’s one of my all-time favorite songs, and was my introduction to the band: INXS – “The One Thing.”

Saul Williams is the place where hip-hop and spoken-word poetry intersect. This was his debut recording in 1997, from the poetry-slam collection Crucialpoetics, Vol 1. It’s got a lot to say. Some of it isn’t work-safe. You should listen to it, even if you don’t like hip-hop….ESPECIALLY if you don’t like hip-hop. Saul Williams – “Twice the First Time.”

And lastly, a bit of groovy hipster Tarantino-tinged cool, just because: Fun-lovin’ Criminals – “Scooby Snacks.”


Narrowly Missed Our Flight To Oz

We got hit with a major severe thunderstorm last night. Possible tornado, but unconfirmed by any official spotters.

Our house shook so badly that *I* thought we had a tornado coming, so and I woke up The Minion and headed downstairs to the center-of-the-house bathroom (we have no basement).

About 2 minutes later, the 80 mph straight-line winds blew the window over The Minion’s bed right out of its frame, and onto the bed — which we discovered when it was all over. Her bed had about an inch of standing water on it (and the entire window — thankfully unshattered, which popped back into place).

I’ve lived in Kansas from 84-88, 90-97, and again from 2003 unti now. That storm was the worst I’ve personally been through. , having lived through the actual tornado touch-downs in Lawrence in the 80s, tells me I’m a wuss.

So, yeah — no major damage, aside from a soaked bed, a window needing replacement (or at the very least re-sealing), and some very freaked out animals.