Narrowly Missed Our Flight To Oz

We got hit with a major severe thunderstorm last night. Possible tornado, but unconfirmed by any official spotters.

Our house shook so badly that *I* thought we had a tornado coming, so and I woke up The Minion and headed downstairs to the center-of-the-house bathroom (we have no basement).

About 2 minutes later, the 80 mph straight-line winds blew the window over The Minion’s bed right out of its frame, and onto the bed — which we discovered when it was all over. Her bed had about an inch of standing water on it (and the entire window — thankfully unshattered, which popped back into place).

I’ve lived in Kansas from 84-88, 90-97, and again from 2003 unti now. That storm was the worst I’ve personally been through. , having lived through the actual tornado touch-downs in Lawrence in the 80s, tells me I’m a wuss.

So, yeah — no major damage, aside from a soaked bed, a window needing replacement (or at the very least re-sealing), and some very freaked out animals.

Mark Ronson working with Duran Duran!

From the BBC:

Musician Mark Ronson is to rework Duran Duran’s classic hits in a one-off concert with the pop legends in France in July.

ARGH! This needs to be an album, not a concert! WANT WANT WANT!!!

According to the story, the concert will be filmed and released around the world — so maybe we’ll get a soundtrack album, too. I’ll be crossing my bits for that.