Friday Music

….and we’re back.

As I mentioned in my GenCon wrap-up, I saw Tropic Thunder last Wednesday, and loved it. I checked out the soundtrack album, only to discover that the one track that features as a major point of the film (the producers’ dance track, if you’ve seen the film) isn’t on the bloody album! WTF? So, naturally, I had to go out and find it. Here it is, in all its NSFW-language glory: Ludacris – “Get Back.”

In the hotel one morning (FAR too early), I caught the video for this song as I was getting ready. As I remarked to at the time, they aught to just call her “Amy Winehouse With Far Less Risk For the Label.” More neo-soul from the UK: Duffy – “Warwick Avenue.”

Another really well-done mashup, this time between the Police, Leona Lewis, and a few other bits n’ bobs: Divide-Kreate: “Every Bleeding Breath (Leona Lewis vs The Police).”

My favorite track from Adam & The Ants: a b-side where they showed off their punk roots. Adam & The Ants – “Beat My Guest.” “Use a truncheon or a cricket bat — a good beatings’ really where it’s at.”

Another brilliant track from Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s Monkey: Journey to the West. Pick up this album. Once the DVD of the actual opera is released, I need to track that down as well. Monkey – “Monkey Bee.”

Underground alternative hip-hop from Aesop Rock — the title track to last year’s album. This guys flow is, as the kids say, SICK. Aesop Rock – “None Shall Pass.”

A little bit of bouncy 90s alterno-pop for ya, to round out your day. It’s Friday, people. Rejoice! Republica – “Ready To Go.”


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