“Yes or No question: Is Russia EEEeeeeeevil?”

Seriously, Brokaw? That’s the best you can do? You interject your own question, and that’s it? The world isn’t black-and-white, chucklefuck.

Given that Brokaw is a liaison of sorts between NBC and the McCain campaign, and given that Brokaw was apparently the spearhead and the impetus behind removing Olberman from election and debate coverage, I suppose it could have been much worse. I suppose it would have been more difficult to ask questions with McCain’s dick in his mouth.

One other point: “That One.” I’ve heard it used by senior citizens before — and almost always in reference to blacks. Odd that he slipped like that.

Call Them On It.

My desperate hope for tonight’s town-hall debate: That Obama turns to McCain and asks him point-blank why he’s engaging in a strategy that results in crowds at his campaign rallies screaming that Obama is a terrorist and yelling “KILL HIM!!”, and asking him, directly, to publicly repudiate those people and that strategy.

Go after his dumb-fighter-jock so-called “Honor.” SHAME HIM, with millions watching.

Because it will have two results — one, it will draw attention to the severely frightening tone that McCain’s campaign has stirred up among the ignorant rednecks in this country, which the mainstream audience needs to see in all of its ugliness. Two, McCain won’t back down — he can’t, it’s not in his personality — and will most likely lose his famous temper, in front of millions of viewers, and millions more as his sure-to-be erratic response gets played over and over again on the news and the internet.