The Pivotal Moment.

The only thing you need to take away from the debate last night — The moment where John McCain lost this election:

That is the most disgusting, extreme far-right thing I’ve ever seen expressed in a Presidential debate … and given the position of the majority of this country, that is the moment where McCain chose to go for his rabid base instead of the wider appeal.

I was gobsmacked when I watched it – and watched the “insta-poll” reaction meters of women, and then men, plunge into the deep negatives.

Bye-bye, John.

Star Trek

Pictures from J.J. Abram’s new version of Star Trek, coming to theaters next May, have started to be released:

The crew:

The bridge:

Spock goes all Sylar:

Eric Bana as the Romulan villain, Nero (*groan*):

The USS Kelvin, under attack:

And a promo shot from the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly: