Support Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer, pianist and singer for The Dresden Dolls, has a solo album out — titled, in Twin Peaks-inspired glory, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?.

Sadly, however, she’s having problems with her label. (Links from her blog)

For example, they wanted her to edit her video for the song “Leeds United”, because her bare belly “looked fat.” Seriously.

They’ve called her album “uncommercial” and “cottage industry,” and apparently have a problem with the fact that she, in her words, doesn’t want to wax and starve herself, and write shiny pop songs that will make her a superstar.

Fans have started posting shots of their bellies on the internet, in solidarity, and Amanda has recently asked her label, Roadrunner Records, to drop her. They’ve refused.

She spent $80K of her own money on the album (which apparently, the label won’t be reimbursing).

The A&R guy from the label told her: “I’m a guy, Amanda. i understand what people like.” (!!!)

Go out and pick it up immediately (even though it will make more for the label than for her, which sucks — but at least get it from her website, where she’ll get a bigger cut). It’s fucking amazing. When she tours in your area, go see her — because that money goes to her, not the label.

I’ll close this with her words:

“do you have any idea who i am, what band i’ve been in, what kind of music i write, who my fans are….who didn’t send you the memo that i’m not britney spears? […]

i had a meeting with the owner of the label. he said he thought it was a shame that someone as smart and talented as me could not make a commercial record that they could sell. and he thinks that someday i’ll see the light and write some better songs.

i told him i made exactly the record i wanted to make.

more than exactly. i think i’ve made an INCREDIBLE FUCKING record.
i really do.

he shook his head and felt sorry for me.

i feel sorry for them. they are trying to sell pieces of plastic in a digital world.
but they’re barking up the wrong tree if they think they can katy perry or avril lavigne me into the walmarts of the world.”

Friday Music

Yes, it’s back. The Minion complained. Apparently, the Friday Music is popular with the college crowd. Who knew?

Bunch of nifty stuff this week.

First off, I’ve been devouring the soundtrack to Repo! The Genetic Opera, in preparation for seeing the film during it’s second swing through Kansas City in two weeks. This is the track that has burrowed its way into my brain the most — a lovely ditty about the drug Zydrate, sung by the Graverobber (Terrance Zdunich) — with an assist from Shilo (Alexa Vega) and Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton): Repo! The Genetic Opera – Original Cast: “Zydrate Anatomy.”

Listening quite a bit to this, as well — My Brightest Diamond, a project of multi-instrumentalist, classically-trained vocalist Shara Worden. It’s brilliant stuff, mixing indie rock, string quartet, and more. My Brightest Diamond – “Golden Star.”

Here’s a track that’s been used recently for the TV commercials of the XBox zombie apocalypse game, Left 4 Dead. So, regardless of what the song is actually about, I now firmly associate it with images of people being chased through a city by hordes of zombies. Good times. Steel Pole Bath Tub – “Train to Miami.”

A lovely bit of indie-pop from a Liverpool group, whose debut album came out this year. It has a very early-80s vibe to me, in its vocal style — but back then it probably would have been drenched in synth. I think the modern instrumentation suits it better: Wave Machines – “I Go I Go I Go.”

19-year old UK soul revival chick Adele — another attempt to recreate Amy Winehouse without the trainwreck personal life and heavy drug use. The production is by Mark Ronson, so it’s good stuff: Adele – “Cold Shoulder.”

Of course, the soul revival stuff reminds me of just how jaw-droppingly good the original music was. Here’s a track that’s as old as I am — released in the summer of 1969 — and it’s aged a damn sight better than I have: Marlena Shaw – “California Soul.”

A nasty little mash-up from the brilliant DJ Earworm, with NSFW lyrics — combining Eurythmics, Avenue D and a few others: DJ Earworm – “Don’t Mess With Orgasmatron.”

Another excellent mash-up, featuring Angelo Badalamenti’s theme from Twin Peaks, dialog from the show, and the Jackson 5. SUPREMELY creepy and well-done. In fact, there’s an entire album of this stuff available for free over at Here’s a sample: Colatron – “I’ll Be There In Twin Peaks.”

Lastly, a beautiful Mongolian folk song, played on accoustic guitar — it’s a long track, but the song starts to serious kick ass about 2:30 into it, and then in the 4th minute, he starts the vocals. Wow. The artist is a guy named Gangzi, who apparently is the sound guy at Beijing’s only “metal” club. 刚子 – 日出 (Copy and paste this one)

There you go. Hope you like ’em.