Follow-up to Yesterday’s “Media” post….

The New York Times editorial page today addressed the Senate report, and recommends the appointment of a prosecutor.

…although they say pretty much what I did:

“We do not hold out real hope that Barack Obama, as president, will take such a politically fraught step.”

….and they follow up with the same commission recommendation:

“…an independent panel to look into these and other egregious violations of the law. Like the 9/11 commission, it would examine in depth the decisions on prisoner treatment, as well as warrantless wiretapping, that eroded the rule of law and violated Americans’ most basic rights. Unless the nation and its leaders know precisely what went wrong in the last seven years, it will be impossible to fix it and make sure those terrible mistakes are not repeated.”

I’m not sure if I should be pleased or depressed that the editorial page of the major paper of record has belatedly come up with pretty much the same position as a random blogger on the internet, even if I am that blogger.