Dave Arneson

D&D co-creator Dave Arneson passed away last night.

Ken Hite says everything I’d like to say here in his IPR column. Anything I’d write at this point would only be a “me, too” — right down to the story of a handshake at GenCon 97.

Footie Hooky

UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal, Leg 1: Liverpool v Chelsea. 1:30 local time.

Yeah, I’m taking a couple of hours off.

EDIT: Good game. Always fun to see Liverpool get taken down at Anfield.

Writing Group Created: Sixpens

I’ve created the community: .

Currently working on the settings, and, if I did it right, you should have invitations.

Dave: I didn’t send an invite out to , because I haven’t heard anything from her via email or in posts expressing interest. If she’s interested, have her get in touch with me.

My email is gmskarka@sbcglobal.net (also the address for emailing manuscripts).

Not sure what day I want — I’ll wait and slot myself in after a few more of you have picked a day.