[Tales of New Crobuzon] Why I Sometimes Hate My Job.

So, I find out that there’s a thread over on Story Games called “China Mieville and Gaming”, about setting games in his world.

I go check it out, because Adamant has the license, and we’re producing TALES OF NEW CROBUZON.

Big Fucking MISTAKE.

There is an absolutely bizarre thread of hate-on for Adamant going through that discussion — from the first post where it is discovered that a game is in the works (“Aw, crap.” is the delightful individuals response), to gems like this:“I expect that I probably won’t like it (mechanics-wise, though I have no basis for that assumption),” “I assume it will be a lame, d20-derivative game …”, discussions of who would’ve been better to get the license, disappointment that China didn’t “consider other options”, and one asshole who even finds my fucking press release “aesthetically offensive.”


Wow. Way to give us a chance, assholes. I’ve given ZERO statements publicly on the design, or the direction we’re taking, but the Indie Kewl Kids Kabal have already decided that it’s crap, and should be bitched about.

If you ever find yourself wondering why I’m “cranky”, “controversial”, “blunt”, “an internet meany-head”, or any of the other delightful charges leveled at me — This sort of thing is a good example.

I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, but COME ON.