Friday Music

Here we go:

First, a new group from NYC, whose performance I managed to catch on LOGO earlier this week. I’d first heard of them via Warren Ellis, who described them as: “PJ Harvey’s younger sister kicking electroclash back towards glam with big stompy boots while waving a chainsaw.” Hells yeah. The Fire and Reason — “Do It Again.”

Next up, Mute Math, a group that The Minion has been gasping about since her return from college. A little on the shoe-gaze-y side at first, but pretty… and once the drums kick in, the whole thing comes together. Mute Math – “Stall Out.”

I just found out that Muse has announced their new album will be released in September. No word yet on a title, or any advance singles. As soon as I’ve got something, you’ll hear it. In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite tracks from their last album, Black Holes and Revelations: Muse – “Starlight.”

Speaking of advance singles, here’s the single from the debut solo release from Del Marquis of the Scissor Sisters. This track moves away from the Sisters 70s-elton-john-plus-bowie-plus-bee-gees sound, and more into something like early to mid 80s pop-soul stuff. Del Marquis – “Any Kind of Love.” If you’d like to download the entire EP (Litter to Society), Marquis has offered it for free, here.

Thanks to a Craig Ferguson video making its rounds through my friends’ pages, I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a bit, so I’m throwing it out to you: They Might Be Giants – “Instanbul (Not Constantinople).”

And lastly, in honor of my turning 40 last week, a song from my misspent youth: Fear — “Let’s Have A War.”