Now that I’m mobile, I’ve also taken the leap into Twitter.

If you’re interested, I’m able to be followed at gmskarka.

Chameleon Circuit: “An Awful Lot of Running”


A bunch of UK teens have decided to take the Harry-Potter-fandom “Wizard Rock” phenomenon into Doctor Who fandom.

The result? A “Trock” (Time Rock) band called CHAMELEON CIRCUIT, who now have a CD available.

They’ve also done music video contests on YouTube (they do a LOT of YouTube video blogs — search under the name of the band)) — and here’s a particularly good one for their song “An Awful Lot of Running”:

Or click here, because the faulty RSS feed over to Facebook often doesn’t include the embedded video…

New Number

For you, oh-so-special members of this filter, my new phone #:


…and, now that I’m appropriately iPhoned, I’ll be setting up a Twitter account as well (once I’ve got some free time — still busy with GenCon prep). Watch this space for details.