Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo

The conservative news organization Newsmax published an article on their website yesterday, in which one of their regular columnists, John L. Perry, advocates a military coup to solve “the Obama problem.”

I wish I was kidding.

They have since taken the article down, but other sites grabbed copies of the column, so you can still read the full text.

I knew that the far right would lose their fucking minds when they lost the election. I remember the Clinton years, when they tried to subvert the will of the electorate with impeachment and behaved as if they lived in enemy-occupied territory… and that was during a *great* economy. Add economic instability to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for assassination and coup attempts.

To the libertarian/economic/intellectual conservatives reading this — this is what happens when you don’t disavow the fringe elements. You people need to start shouting, NOW. You need to email Beck, call Limbaugh on-air, and flood the inboxes and voicemail of conservative media commentators and politicians, voicing your outright objection and horror at this sort of thing. You need take your party back from the nutjobs, before they throw this country into another Civil War.

Because, believe me — that’s what will happen if they carry out their little masturbatory fantasies. If the line is crossed into coup and assassination, there will be reprisals — because you can no longer ‘debate’ with people who are willing to foment a coup. The political divide in this country will become a *real* Culture War — which is exactly what these crazies want.

…and they’ll get it. So stop them now. I’m begging you.

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