“Fascism” is not just an Invective.

posted this, and I found it so compelling that I decided to post about it myself.

I know that cries of “Fascism” have been leveled, by both sides of the spectrum, for far too long — to the point where the word is a farce, robbed of its actual impact.

That’s dangerous — because a word without meaning loses its ability as a signifier of the very real subject.

Read this essay (with supporting links). It points out the actual, honest-to-goodness political definition of fascism — and the historical stages of a slide towards fascism in otherwise-reasonable countries, along with the accompanying warning signs ignored by the “it couldn’t happen here” folks.

It is very, very worth reading. Fascism is real, kids — it’s not just an invective that you level against political opponents. And it’s only by understanding what it *really* is, and why and how it comes to power, that it can be fought.

Read the stages. Check the links. Ask yourself if you honestly don’t see it reflected in the current world, and then ask yourself what you plan to do about it.


Well, CRAP.

Today, I had to cancel our trip to Seattle this month for Steam-Con. We had the registration and the hotel reservations, but sales in September were lower than I’d have liked, and so I wasn’t really able to finagle the expense of plane tickets.

Crap, crap, crappity crap.

An email has been sent requesting a refund of our registration, and the hotel reservations have been cancelled.


Not the best day I’ve ever had.