Mid-list Kindle Numbers, and Busking

A very interesting blog post from a mid-to-low-list thriller writer, who has eBooks available on Kindle through his publisher, as well as several that he self-published to Kindle. He breaks down the sales numbers:

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing — Kindle Numbers: Traditional Publishing Vs. Self Publishing.

Dovetails nicely with Amanda Palmer’s “Virtual Crowdsurfing” blog post (and the related earlier piece, “why I am not afraid to take your money.”)

I’ve been kicking the mental can around for a few months now, regarding future plans, making a living as a creative in the 21st century, brand extension outside of the gaming market, etc. There definitely seem to be more and more essays and blog entries that fall neatly into where my mind is headed. There’s a zeitgeist rising.

At some point, I should do a massive link-tastic blog entry that puts all of this stuff into one place, so that everybody can see the whole picture that I’ve got in my head right now.