Friday Music

Here we go….

OK, first up: I’ve posted this before (last year some time), but I was up earlier than usual this morning, and could use the musical equivalent of caffeine: Bomba Estereo – “Fuego.”

Amy Winehouse has her first new recording in four years — a Mark Ronson-produced track on a new Quincy Jones Compilation, Soul Bossa Nostra. It’s only a cover tune (of Leslie Gore’s 1963 hit), but it’s a damn good one. Amy Winehouse – “It’s My Party.”

Speaking of soul, here’s the lead single from the new album by French-Nigerian singer Aṣa (pronounced “Asha”, which means “Hawk” in Yoruba). I posted a track of hers before (Her 2007 single, “Fire on the Mountain”), and this one is even better — a perfect bit of soul, replete with horns, organ and spy-guitar licks. Aṣa – “Be My Man.”

Here’s a great track from the second album by The Raconteurs, one of Jack White’s innumerable side projects. This one is from my FAR WEST playlist, which I’ve been listening to as I work this week. The Raconteurs – “The Switch and The Spur.”

Brand new single from Canadian electronic act Crystal Castles, who recruited the legendary Robert Smith (of The Cure, for those few that need to be told) to handle vocals. Good stuff: Crystal Castles – “Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith).”

Continuing with the 80s vibe, here’s a great neo-new-wave track from the current Noisettes album. Love the sound of this one: Noisettes – “Saturday Night.”

And we close on an actual 80s track — I heard this playing at a deli earlier in the week, and remarked to Laura that I thought it was probably the last time that Paul McCartney had a single that received any play. Turns out, my hunch was right — it turns out that it was (to date) his last Top 40 hit. I always liked this one — it was co-written by Elvis Costello. Paul McCartney – “My Brave Face.”

There you go, kids. Enjoy!

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