Casting Monday: DOCTOR STRANGE

Kicking off a potential new regular feature here at the Monologues: Casting Monday.

One of my favorite geek pastimes has always been speculation and discussion along the lines of “if they were going to make a move about ‘Geek Property X’, who should be cast?” So I figured that it would be fun to bring that to the blog. I present my choices below. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments. If this takes off, we’ll do it every Monday.


One of my all-time favorite comics — it’s been done as an awful 1978 TV-movie, an expired-option-turned-into-serial-numbers-filed-off direct to DVD film in the early 90s called Doctor Mordrid, and most recently a not-too-shabby animated version released on DVD. Reports are that Marvel Studios is now working on a Doctor Strange film as part of their line-up.

So, how would I cast this?




Doctor Strange: Guy Pearce.
Pearce has the necessary combination of thin features, otherworldly intensity, and aristocratic bearing.
Clea: Romola Garai.
Well, I mean, just look at her. She’s brilliant in the BBC TV show The Hour as an independent career woman in 1950s Britain, and I think she’d bring the same strength to the Daughter of Dormammu.
Baron Mordo: Rufus Sewell.
Mordo needs to be the dark reflection of Stephen Strange. He needs to be what Strange could have become if his arrogance and thirst for power had overwhelmed him. Sewell can definitely hang in there with Pearce, and makes a good pairing, in my opinion.
Dormammu: Tim Curry.
Obviously, the Dread Dormammu would be a CG creation (and hopefully wreathed in flame far more convincing than that which appears in Ghost Rider. He needs to have a great voice, though — powerful, commanding, dripping with venom and arrogance. Tim Curry’s past performances as Darkness in Legend and Cardinal Richelieu in Disney’s Three Musketeers informed my choice here.

So there are my choices. What do you think?

4 Replies to “Casting Monday: DOCTOR STRANGE”

  1. If you couldn’t get Curry for Dormammu, I’d say go get Brad Dourif. His voice is a HELL of an instrument.

  2. I’m not sure I’d go with Wong, since the whole “Chinese manservant” thing is a bit of a throwback. But if I was doing it, I’d go with Donnie Yen.

  3. You could do all sorts of styles for Strange. If you went a bit pulpy, the manservant thing would fit. Otherwise you might have to make him more of a bodyguard/personal assistant.

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