#RPGaDay2015, Day 17

rpg-a-day-2015Today’s topic is Favorite Fantasy RPG — and of course, everybody is going to probably say some flavor of Dungeons and Dragons, since it’s the 800-lb gorilla, the game which created the hobby, and the one that many of us have played the most.

I do love D&D, and yes, as far as fantasy games go, I have played it more than any other variety. For me, it’s like a lingua franca for gamers — something I’m sure everyone is familiar with, so it’s a good go-to game to play. It’s extremely adaptable, allowing for play in any sort of fantasy setting with a minimum of adjustment, too. Other fantasy games that I enjoy (Stormbringer, Warhammer Fantasy, etc.) are far more locked into particular settings or styles, and really, if you get down to it, I could just as easily play those settings in D&D.

So yeah, as boring as the answer may be, it’s Dungeons & Dragons. Not even a contest, really.

Here’s today’s video entry from Dave Chapman, along with special guest, freelancer T.R. Knight.