Far West Update, May 18th

Taking a brief moment to check back in with you fine folks — it’s been a very busy week: Not only have I been continuing to put the new D6Plus version of the rules together for the people who’ve asked to see them, but my oldest daughter has flown in from the coast to visit us (hitting between Mother’s Day and my upcoming birthday)! So I’m bouncing back and forth between “editorial mode” and “dad mode.” :)

Have any of you taken a look at those series on DramaFever that I mentioned last time? I’m curious to hear your impression. Also — if you have any other suggestions for material for our “Inspirography” — films, series, books, comics, music, what-have-you — by all means, drop me a line. There’s an appendix in the rulebook where I’m listing stuff (plus I’m always looking for new inspiration).

In the realm of old inspiration — I was pleased to discover that Robert Urich’s final TV series, The Lazarus Man, has been finally released on DVD. I barely remember it — a guy wearing a Confederate uniform claws his way out of a shallow grave, and can’t remember who he is, so searches for his identity, having adventures on the way — but I remember enjoying it. I haven’t picked it up yet (I put myself on a purchasing moratorium in the weeks leading up to my birthday, having previously “scooped” gift plans from family members), but I hope it’s as good as I remember.

I’ll leave you with another glimpse of interior art from the rulebook — I don’t think I’ve shown you this one before. Talk to you again next week.

A Blind Swordsman.


Gareth-Michael Skarka
Lawrence, Kansas
18 May, 2018

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