New Year’s Eve

2020 — at one point, a grim cyberpunk future. Math checks out.

I try not to do “New Year’s Resolutions,” although it’s difficult not to think of the rollover of the year as a new start. Doubly so when it’s a new decade.

In place of a Resolution, though, I think I’m just going to try to keep this lesson in mind, which I saw on Twitter from Xeni Jardin:

“I’m powerless over a lot but not how I live my life, or how I treat others. Small, modest, humble accomplishments with a solid core mean more to me, now that the glittering ones have been revealed as hollow. The imprint I leave on the hearts of others is what will outlast me.

How did our grandparents find the strength to persist during war or famine or all the other awful losses and cruelties? What’s that energy? That’s where I am now.

The world out there is a mess. What others do or believe may be horrible. How am I tending my garden today?What beauty can I create for others?

Yesterday the answer was, “make the best lamb roast ever and bake bread.” And, “do the uncomfortable phone call.” Sometimes it really is that simple.”

Xeni Jardin, Twitter 12/26/2019

Not a bad way to approach things. At least I’m gonna give it a try. See you in 2020.

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