Friday Music

Another week, and we’re back with another weekly internet mixtape, via Spotify.

The first track, “No Fools” is a nice bit of post-punk-sounding Indie from an artist who is apparently the partner of actress/producer Lena Dunham. He records under the name Attawalpa, and I really enjoyed this track when Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist suggested it to me.

She Drew The Gun is a band from Wirral in the UK, and “Behave Myself” is the title track from their recent third album. A razor-sharp piece of very political, feminist rock.

I caught “Day Shift” on Netflix this week, and as I said on Twitter, it’s not a good movie, but it’s a fun one, and everybody obviously was having a blast making it. It also featured some great needle-drops, including this track from Ice-T’s 1992 hardcore band release, Body Count.

In a complete change of mood, this is one of my favorite tracks from TOTO’s 1984 soundtrack to David Lynch’s DUNE. I love the new Dune film and it’s Hans Zimmer soundtrack, but I maintain a nostalgic love for this as well.

Sweet is perhaps better known for “Ballroom Blitz”, but I prefer this track, “Fox on the Run,” which was used to great effect as trailer music for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

Laura was way more a fan of Wynona Earp than I was, but I really liked the opening theme, Jill Andrews’ “Tell That Devil,” which I ended up putting on my FAR WEST playlist.

And lastly, yesterday was the 58th birthday of Tracy Tracy (AKA Tracy Catelli) of The Primitives, best known for their international hit single from 1988, “Crash.”

There ya go, kids. Hope you enjoy them. See you back here next week for more!

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