Well, crap. Looks like the Sci-Fi Channel has demonstrated YET AGAIN that they have absolutely zero sense: Farscape has been cancelled. They’ve demonstrated a singular lack of ability to showcase the program since they’ve had it: “Hey! Here’s an idea: Let’s take a tight-continuity show with an arc plot and

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Looks like it’s going to be evening and weekend updates on this thing–I found out today that my filter at work blocks blogger, and when I try to use Anonymizer.com, it doesn’t work either, because java is disabled while using it. Gah. Got this today from my Dad: The Mansong.

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Home sick today. Woke up early with some kind of insidious stomach plague…the kind of thing that makes every muscle in your body feel like you’ve just run a marathon. Laura tells me that the whites of my eyes are grey. Not a good sign. Bleah. So, of course, I’m

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There’s nothing “emerging” about this. Evangelicals in this country have been fascists for decades. https://t.co/FGY1aOP07J
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The cure for the Dreaded Lurgy: honey, lemon juice, spiced cider, hot water, and bourbon. https://t.co/Gjt9bpjkDR gmskarka photo