Looks like it’s going to be evening and weekend updates on this thing–I found out today that my filter at work blocks blogger, and when I try to use Anonymizer.com, it doesn’t work either, because java is disabled while using it. Gah.

Got this today from my Dad: The Mansong. Funny stuff, and all too true.

Today was my fiance, Laura’s birthday. Happy Birthday and I love you. (Cue the “awwww” chorus here, folks.)

Today was also the first day of 7th grade for my oldest daughter, Allie. At this point, I’d add “I love you, too,” if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m sure she doesn’t read this blog–because what could possibly be lamer and more boring than your dumb old dad’s weblog? Hell, it mortifies her enough when some of her friends say that I’m cool because I write games and I once showed up with 3 friends to do a presentation for her Social Studies class in full plate armor.

Somewhere along the line I turned into Embarrassing Dad. Not sure when that happened.

Worked a bit more on the novel today. It’s coming a little bit easier now, and I’m still jazzed. I think I’m getting it back.


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