Well, crap.

Looks like the Sci-Fi Channel has demonstrated YET AGAIN that they have absolutely zero sense: Farscape has been cancelled.

They’ve demonstrated a singular lack of ability to showcase the program since they’ve had it: “Hey! Here’s an idea: Let’s take a tight-continuity show with an arc plot and show it with a huge mid-season break and absolutely NO reruns between seasons!” The critical acclaim and success that show has had is entirely IN SPITE of the way Sci-Fi Channel has botched its handling.

“Let’s give them more reruns of Jon Edward and back-to-back episodes of SG-1 instead!”

Feh. Stupid corporate bastards. It doesn’t even make financial sense. If they go ahead and produce a 5th season, that will take it over the magic-number 100th episode required for syndication deals, and then they could rake in the bucks…a fact that I will remind them of in the letter I’m sending to the addresses listed on the above-linked website.

It probably won’t help at all, but what the hell–stranger things have happened than a brain-dead television exec actually paying attention to their target market.

Wow. Participating in a letter-writing campaign to save a television show. My Geekometer just went off the bloody chart.


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