Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…a combination of a couple of things: a big project hitting at work (well, two big projects hitting simultaneously, as these things always seem to), and the preparations and performances for the one-weekend Buck’s County Renaissance Festival, where I performed under the banner of Period Productions, a living history/education/performance company run by some friends of mine.

We provided the main storyline (which included opening, living chess match, archery show, live steel demonstration and closing, as well as general improvs and the like) for a small faire in eastern Pennsylvania. We did it on a Robin Hood theme, and I portrayed King Richard– which means I got to spend the day posing as a “blind” beggar (including an absolutely wicked chessboard fight with a quarterstaff–blind fighting is always interesting), and then got the big reveal in the full shiny armor and crown at the end of the day. The show was great, my fellow performers were spot-on brilliant (as they always are) and the kids really ate it up…I actually got cheers when I made my big “It’s King Richard! TA-DA!!!” entrance at the end of the day. Fun.

…and exhausting. Doing two shows in two days, 8 hours each, in the sun, with combat and wrapping up the day in 60 pounds of full plate is a great way to wear a guy out. Back to work (and those two projects) tomorrow as well. *sigh* Such is the life of the King of England.

More when I’ve fully recovered…


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