A Swing to the Right

Republican victory….blah blah blah….history-making mandate….blah blah blah.

As you can tell, I’m less than enthused about the results of yesterday’s elections…but, then again, I don’t think it’s the end of the world for the left, either. In fact, a little bit of critical thought about it today leads me to believe that this could actually re-vitalize the Democratic party–hopefully teaching them that “more centrist than thou” isn’t a viable strategy for them. Bring ’em back to the left, where they belong. Get the hold-overs of the 70s and 80s out of the positions of party leadership–shake it up, get radical again. Put some “give ’em hell” liberal in the fore-front , and start actually saying what the left STANDS for, instead of trying to convince John Q Public that they’re somehow Republican Lite.

Plus, when the economy and everything else goes all pear-shaped in the next two years, the Republicans will have nobody to blame but themselves, which I’m looking forward to with glee.

‘Course, I might be more optimistic than most, because the Democrats won in New Jersey.

In other news, got my ass kicked with deadlines at work for the past three days, and, subsequently, have fallen woefully behind on my novel.

I think I’ll blame the Republicans for that, too.


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