Still proceeding very slowly on the novel. I don’t know what’s up, really. I’ve got an idea of where the plot is heading, but for some reason actually putting the words together is like pulling teeth (my problem is usually the other way around).

Frustrating as all hell.

So, because I really should be writing the novel instead of writing this, I’ll chuck some links your way, and leave it at that for now:

Goblin problems in Zimbabwe…don’t you just hate it when that happens? Glad I live in a first-world country, where we had the good sense to round up our Goblins and banish them.

…and, for those of you whose taste in fantasy is a bit darker, here’s a great article about the occult theories in the Son of Sam case. Perfect modern horror RPG material.

Anyway…that’s it for now, kids. I’ve got more teeth to pull.


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