Happy New Year

…such as it is. I worked yesterday, and about half-way through the day, I started to feel like shit. Could’ve been a bunch of reasons: My daughter came down with something last week. Various members of my family fell ill after a holiday party on Saturday. Laura hasn’t felt too great on and off for a week or so. I also found out that the woman in the cube next to mine has been coming in this week with a Flu (“I took some antibiotics, but I’m still feeling worn down…” she says. “Thanks for spreading it around.” sez I. Blank stare of the congenitally stupid is what I get in return).

So, instead of going to a New Year’s party last night, I went home, changed into sweats, curled up on the couch, watched a couple of movies, and crashed out soon after Midnight. Wah-bloody-hoo.

I slept until Noon, and have done absolutely sod-all today.

I did, however, make a New Year’s Resolution. It is my intention to finish, and if possible, sell, at least one novel this year. I’ve decided that I need to wean myself from my addiction to my own extremely minor celebrity status, which I’ve recognized is really the only reason why I’m hanging around the RPG industry at this point. It’s just not healthy. Time to move into what I really want to be doing, and not cling to this stuff just because I like the attention that I get. Enough is enough.

We’ll see if I can stick to it.


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