Arrr….Good Timing, Matey…

So, there are a couple of trailers for Disney’s forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl movie floating around the ‘net: The “corset” teaser trailer, and the full-length trailer (low bandwidth version, high bandwidth version).

Zombie pirates….goofy action…swashbuckley goodness. Looks like the release of Skull & Bones is going to turn out to be perfectly timed…which was completely unplanned when Ian Sturrock and I first started knocking the idea around at the Treasure Island pirate show in Vegas, two years ago. Hell, we didn’t even know the movie was in development.

Life works, sometimes. Not often enough for any of our tastes, but when it slides together seamlessly, it’s always good to make a note of it, out loud, just in case the Fates are listening. You want them to know you appreciate it, after all.


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