Better than Enterprise

A while back, I posted the link to the Starship Exeter, the fan-produced Original-Series-era Star Trek episode. Goofy fun.

Yesterday, the Dastardly Best Friend sends me the link for another fan-produced Trek project, Hidden Frontier–a TNG-film-era series. That’s right, a series. This fan group has produced 3 seasons worth of episodes, filmed with virtual sets (via greenscreen), with starship sequences rendered using Lightwave 3D. The acting is amateurish, the cast definitely leans towards the less-flattering stereotypes of the fan community, but damn if their enthusiasm isn’t palpable and, to an extent, contagious. The absolute professionalism of the starship SPFX is a big help…and the fact that they use the music from Galaxy Quest as their theme music is a nice inside joke, while simultaneously being a stirring piece of music that isn’t associated with an existing Trek series.

It is amazing what fans are able to produce, using home equipment.

I need to get myself a copy of Lightwave 3D. Since I was a kid, raised on Original Series Star Trek, Star Wars, Space:1999, Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers, I’ve had a desire to create my own Space Opera. Taking a look at what these fans have done makes me think that it just might be something do-able.

Must ponder that.


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