“That’s what the Internet is for, slandering others anonymously.”

–Banky, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

So, some anonymous prick starts stirring shit over on EN World about how Green Ronin shouldn’t hire me ever again, because I’ll end up costing them sales because of people boycotting me due to my behavior on RPGnet.

I find out that it’s the same guy who went after me on RPGnet a few months back. Then, somebody points me to thread on some site called Nutkinland, where my stalker takes the opportunity for further slander. Hell, most of the stuff he says on that thread about interaction between us is flat-out lies. Never happened.

I know I shouldn’t let it bug me. Part of me is taking this as just a timely reminder of the low end of the folks that I’m going to have to be dealing with, now that I’m getting back into things full-time. Another part of me is kinda disturbed by the fact that someone whom I don’t know, and whom I’ve had the barest of interactions with would have such a hard-on for me that he goes out of his way to mess with me like this.

Of course, there’s another part of me that thinks of the end of the above-quoted film, and smiles.


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