Things Piratical

The folks over at No Quarter Given, the Golden Age of Piracy enthusiast and re-enactor magazine, have opened up an online forum for things piratical, The Pyracy Pub. Discussions abound of films, literature, history, games and pirate-themed living history events and such. If you’re a buccaneer at heart, go on in and check out the Pub. I’ll be the one seated by the fire, bellowing for more rum while pounding the table with my cutlass.

Oh…and for the musically-minded pirate, here’s a link to The Jolly Rogers, a fine group of lads (one of whom I went to high school with) who sing shanties and such at various festivals in the midwestern US. The site has full mp3s of some of their songs, so check them out (and, if I can make a recommendation, PIRATE’S GOLD, a CD which collects the best of their old recordings, is an excellent purchase).

Anyway–that’s it for today. I’m working on stuff for BUCCANEERS & BOKOR, so my mind is filled with salt spray and cannon-fire.

Yarr, etc.,


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