Send ’em Flowers!

I saw on Tor editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s blog that there is an attempt to start a movement to show support for same-sex married couples: Folks are calling flower shops in the Bay Area and having flowers with supportive notes delivered to random couples standing in line at the SF City Hall.

Given our Puritan Fuhrer’s statements today about his proposed enshrinement of discrimination within the Constitution, I think we should ALL do this. Let’s get some media coverage of this…thousands of floral arrangements being sent to gay couples waiting to be married, from Americans of all stripes.

Places to get flowers:

Flowers By The Bay (A Rainbow Pride Store)

Delicate Daisy

Amy Kee Floral Designs

Or, just use the yellow pages and find one of your own. Most of these shops are pretty small, and could get inundated. So, spread it around!


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