Skarka Geeks Out Mightily, Film at 11

Director Robert Rodriguez is going to be filming A Princess of Mars. According to ICV2, he’s doing it after he does a film version of Frank Miller’s Sin City, which is also cool geek news, but not as much as hearing that the John Carter books are going to be on the big screen, budgeted, according to Variety at “over $100 million due to extensive CGI with the goal of matching the scale and scope of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.”

Mix Rodriguez’ action sensibilities (as displayed in his El Mariachi films) with his special effects chops (as displayed in the Spy Kids films), plus his “do-it-all-yourself” nature (watch the “making of” documentaries on the Once Upon A Time In Mexico DVD, and be amazed), and we could be looking at this hemisphere’s version of Peter Jackson.

Regardless…allow me to paraphrase Homer J. Simpson: “MMMmmmm…..Pulp Science Fantasy….”


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