Verified Voting

Nervous about the fact that electronic voting machines, provided in many cases by a company whose head has publicly claimed that he’ll “deliver the election for President Bush”, are going to be used in the forthcoming elections? Electronic voting machines with no way of verifying results?

Our only opportunity to require a voter-verifiable paper trail everywhere in the U.S. for the November 2004 election is”The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2003.” The House version (H.R. 2239) was introduced in May by Rep. Rush Holt. The Senate version (S. 1980) was introduced in December by Senator Bob Graham. is in the midst of a campaign to contact every Senator as many times as possible to let them know how much we care about passing this bill. We have heard that the House bill may not move until Congress becomes clear on which of the three Senate voting bills (Clinton’s S.1986, Boxer’s S.2045, or Graham’s S.1980) is gaining the most support. It is important that GRAHAM’s bill emerge as the obvious choice, or it is unlikely that we will have a paper trail by this election. Call or fax your Senators EVERY DAY until they co-sponsor GRAHAM’S bill. Guidelines, a toll free phone number, a sample letter, and information resources are available by clicking here.


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