GAMA Trade Show Wrap-up

“That plan lacks the quiet dignity of the Cheese Sombrero.”

“I have this guy who lives in my basement who drives a Zamboni.”

“Toronto in the Hizz-oose!”

“I know that civilization is crumbling, but do we have to flaunt it?”

“PEACE. I hate the word, as I hate Hell, and all dumb hippies.”

“It’s like the all-you-can-eat buffet of Conspiracy Theories, and everybody is crowding the Deviled Egg/JFK Assassination table.”

“She said she was an ‘unemployed cocktail waitress.'” “Is that anything like an ‘unlicensed masseuse?'”

“It looks like somebody set off a Paris-and-Nicki-Hilton Bomb in there.”

“Did I just say “eh”?”

“GenCon Barcelona? I dunno…I don’t speak Spanish.” “That’s OK. They speak Catalan.”

“Would you like some sex on a roll?”

“GAMA on ICE! The Geek Capades!”

“You stayed in until Fifth Street with a fucking 10-2 off-suit? What the hell are you thinking?” “I’m thinking that I’m taking all your money.”

“What do you recommend as health insurance and retirement benefits for freelancers?” “A spouse with a good job.”

“…and, as appropriate for a freelancing seminar, he’s late.”

“I’ve got a better proposal: don’t fuck with my branding, and I won’t bounce a lead pipe off your skull.”

“GURPS Fourth Edition….Hold For Applause….”

Sirens of TI, or as I like to call it: Yo-ho-Ho’s.”

“The Riviera is skuzzier. I mean it’s “old hooker Vegas.” Stretch-marks and inch-thick makeup.”

“You can’t succeed if you don’t try.” “True, but I also can’t fail if I don’t try, so there’s a nice little bit of symmetry there.”

…and that was the GAMA Trade Show.


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