Pathetic-ass Geek Continues Stalking, Film At 11

Those of you who’ve seen the Comments posted below my “Mom or Pod” entry, below, will note that my stalker has returned, under a different IP. The priceless bit is that the impotent little shit is now threatening ME with a libel suit for “defamation of character”…..

Yeah…I blinked a bit when I read that, myself. Apparently, he wants to sue me for defaming an ANONYMOUS individual, posting under a psuedonym.

Read this. It’s priceless:

“Here’s my warning: attempt to interfere with my life IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM or commit any further actions of defamation against my character and you’ll have one hellava lawsuit on your pudgy little hands. Again, my lawyer friends would take you on FOR FREE. Cease and desist now, GMS, or face legal action.

Ooooh! Scary, huh?

At this point, I’m thinking it may be much more fun to just “out” this prick, rather than press charges. :)

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