One Final Stalker-related Post

Folks, I have a request. Don’t respond to the stalker’s posts in the comments. Ignore him.

At the request of the abuse department of his ISP, I’ve removed all of the IP bans, and have forwarded every one of his posts, with the IP log and time/date stamp, to them, and will continue to do so with every additional post he makes. They’ve informed me that they are willing to disclose his identity and address with a civil subpoena, rather than just a criminal one, so I’m pursuing that route, and the archived posts sent to the ISP makes it so that they can be called as a witness.

Continued posts on his part will just add to the evidentiary chain, so it’s in my interest to let him continue to post to his twisted little heart’s content. Give him enough rope, folks. No need to pay him any attention. He’ll hang himself.

He continues to bray about bringing a “defamation suit”…which I certainly hope he does. To do so, he will have to forego anonymity, which will save me the effort of the subpoena.

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