Second Weekend

I’m in much better shape this week than last, as I was witness first-hand to the victory of function over fashion. After a particularly painful day this Saturday, where my flat feet and pronated ankles were particularly acute (having me walking, essentially, on my instep and ankle bone), I switched boots on Sunday, replacing my very courtly and pretty thigh-high soft leather boots with my older pair of dinged-up rigid leather riding boots that I usually wear with my armor. My feet still hurt last night, but it was mostly just the natural effect of 12-13 hours walking around on feet that hurt from the previous day, without any added injury on top of that.

So, it looks like I’ll take some time this week to “pretty up” the riding boots (saddle soap and chamois cloth, here I come), and I’ll be wearing those from here on out. Not as dashing as the thigh-highs, but then again, hobbling about like a lame beggar isn’t too dashing, either. :)

Some more pictures are cropping up: Here is a gallery of pictures from the first weekend, from photographer Michael Strange (parent of one of our younger cast members). If past years are any indication, that gallery will fill up with pictures from every weekend as the Festival continues.