OK, OK….

At the request of some of my friends who have LJ, I’m going to start being more active with this account.

I’ll go ahead and dual-post my entries to blogspot and here.

Those of you who have the RSS feed, gmskarka_feed, on your friends list as well as this account can go ahead and remove the syndication. It’s going to feature the same info as this.

Sheesh…some of you folks are PUSHY! :D


Third weekend went well–weather was good, no major SNAFUs or annoyances, outside of the usual ones.

Very busy right now, trying to get back onto something resembling a regular release schedule for Adamant Entertainment, so this is just a brief status post.

Oh–I discovered that a fellow performer whom I spend a great deal of time with during the Festival day has a Livejournal, so I’ve added it to the links over on the side, there. (Unless you’re reading this on LJ, I suppose, in which case those links aren’t there). Michael plays Captain De Silva, and is a huge part of getting me through each day.

More later.