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A bunch of stuff today:

First–taken from a bunch of people, but specifically , because I preferred her re-wording of it:

“This is a problem with LJ: there is an illusion of intimacy, but in actuality we may know nothing about each other. This meme might help. If you like, ask me something (more than question if that is what comes to mind) you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

You may also post this in your LJ and find out what people don’t know about you.”

So, have at.

Second–Bob Jones, right-wing religious nutjob founder and president of the laughable “university” that bears his name (leading to the hilarious-joke-that-I’m-sure-he-doesn’t-get abbreviation, “BJU”), has written a letter to Bush, praising him and his “mandate” to lead America in (and this is a quote) “a reprieve from the agenda of paganism.”

Kick ass! I didn’t even know we had an agenda! When did we get organized? Did I miss a memo?

Third–If anybody KCRF-connected has contact info for Jacob “Black Johnny Stew” Cox or Sean “Cap’n Kelly” Crosetti, send it my way via email, wouldja?

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  1. Well, from the former head of staff of one of the most organized pagan organizations I know of. I can tell you getting 50 of us to show up and work is hard enough. Let alone any ideas of having an overarching agenda to bring down Christian America.

    I want to see Bush go on a crusade against paganism. That will bite him back so hard he will be smarting for years.

  2. Gareth: Related to the first part of what the dear husband just said, we were talking last night at potluck about making buttons for staff members that said simply “cat herder.” :)

  3. Money.

    The cost of living in the KC area is half of what it is in the NYC area. To live there, I had to work souless corporate gigs, which pretty much killed my writing (my last job was writing corporate benefits documents for Mellon Financial…mind-numbing). Here, I can write full-time.

  4. Frustration.

    What I had thought was going to be an operations management position ended up being riding herd on the Jaffe brothers on behalf of their father (whose multiple patents were payrolling was a cash-flush “trust fund” company, essentially, to give the guys something to do).

    Keeping them focused was difficult, and worse, they tended to ignore my advice, especially as focus began to shift towards THE LAST EXODUS, which was very much an emotional investment for them. They were more interested in doing stuff that they thought was cool, rather than for good business reasons. (For example, I wanted to jump onto the D20 thing early–during the first batch of companies that followed the release of the Player’s Handbook. They weren’t interested, so we didn’t.)

    They pissed away money in arterial spurts, and there was no stability. When I think about what I could have done with that bankroll and some focused people, I weep. Instead, they did things like bring the entire crew (artists and all) to Gencon, paying for flights, hotel and food.

    Finally, when they ignored my objections to an announced TLE product dealing with 9/11 (which I argued was in bad taste), I said “fuck it” and walked.

  5. Gareth;

    How did you and Laura meet…and yes, I do wanna know the gushy stuff. She’s a marvelous lady and the two of you seem just terrific together but I know next to nothing about how you guys got together.

    Um, I’ll have to decide if I’m gonna post it in my journal or not; I will have interview questions from during faire to answer!


  6. Heh. Laura got asked the same question by .

    Here’s the gushy stuff:

    We met in 1991 via KUGAR (Kansas University Gamers and Roleplayers). She was, at the time, the only female member! We got to be friends, and hung out together in a pack of fellow gamers (or is that a herd? A gaggle? Hrm.). However, I was married, and my (now) ex-wife was firmly of the opinion that I shouldn’t have any female friends. I got hit with an ultimatum…my marriage or my friendship, so I stopped hanging out with Laura around 92 or so.

    Fast forward 5 years, to 1997–my wife has left me, and I’m going through a divorce. I run into Laura in Lawrence, and realize that there is nothing preventing me from hanging out with her any longer. So, we start going to movies and such, and I’m fretting out loud over getting back into the dating scene again…Laura is just sitting there with a wise-ass smirk on her face….thats when it hits me. I actually say “Hey! Wait! You’re a girl!” I’m lucky she didn’t hit me!

    We became a couple (right about when you were starting up as Elizabeth), and then decided to move to NYC in 98. I proposed to her in 2001, and I’ve been waiting for her to make up her mind about the location, the costuming, etc., ever since. :) We’re still not married yet, and we live with my 15-year old daughter, Allie (my other two kids live with the Ex in Colorado).

  7. Oh that’s SO funny! Both that Angel and I asked the same question and your reaction, “Hey, wait, you’re a girl!” You know, I can really see you saying that. I’m surprised, too, that she didn’t hit you!

    I remember when she said she was moving to NYC, and it was after the second year I was Elizabeth since she was my lady in waiting the first year!

    Anyway, it’s terrific getting to know you and I think you two make a fabulous couple. Heh- also remembering how Bruce warned me about what you might say after the proposal at closing gate.

    We’re in NO hurry!

  8. As an east coster myself, what do miss about it? Yeah, I know you’re not native it to it but I gotta figure there was something you got addicted to that isn’t able to be quenched in the Midwest.

  9. So you write full time…as in making a living at it? What do you write? And how did you break into the biz? And…boy I have a lot of other questions for you. :)

  10. Actually, I am native to it. I was born in NY, and lived there until high school, when my father was transferred to KC. When I decided to move with Laura, it was moving back home for me.

    What I miss the most about it is the whole cosmopolitan thing. Cultural diversity, moderate to liberal politics, a feeling that you’re a part of the world, rather than just a part of a state, that kind of thing.

  11. I write material for RPGs (roleplaying games–D&D, that kind of thing), both as a freelance writer for other publishers, and via my own imprint, Adamant Entertainment.

    I got into it by self-publishing a game back in 1994, and that got me into the convention parties and such, so that I could network and make connections, which led to other assignments, etc.

    After 10 years in the business, I’m going after freelance work less and less (if it comes to me, I take it, but I don’t hunt for it), concentrating on putting out my own stuff as a steady income stream while I work on a novel to break into the larger mainstream publishing field.

  12. How did you get your name, and how do you feel about it?

    My mother was studying Arthurian legends, and liked the name…especially since my father’s name is Gary, so it sort of made me a “junior” without making me a “junior”. I like it–It could have been worse: I could’ve ended up as Gawaine, Gaheris or Galahad. By the time my brother was born, she was into the Greek legends, and named him Jason.

    My last name sucks, though. I’m only a teensie bit Czech, but that’s the bit with the name. (I’m mostly English on my Dad’s side, and Irish on my Mom’s)

  13. (I am catching up on memes because I am currently tips..err, relaxed enough to think of questions…)

    Inspired by your answer to ‘s question: What are your parents like?

  14. Mom: Masters in Education, middle child of large Irish-American family.

    Dad: Semi-retired, former head of AT&T’s corporate security, former NY State Cop.

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