Hope He’s Coming to GenCon….

So, here’s the Livejournal of the designer of “Pimp: The Backhanding.”

Pretty much exactly what I expected: some middle-class white frat-boy, who thinks it’s funny to tell “nigga” and “ho” jokes. This little poetic gem is a good look at his mind-set.

Of course, his journal is comment-locked to Friends-only, so he and his “buds” can spout all the shit they want in the comments, insulting people who are offended by his minstrel show. Pretty typical, all in all.

11 Replies to “Hope He’s Coming to GenCon….”

  1. Just when I thought it was impossible to reach a new low of internet cowardice, these guys come along and prove me wrong.

    My other favorite moment of the day was when a certain Mr. Achilli happened by a thread on That Place and asked one poster a very convenient question which sidetracked the entire discussion. All very innocently, of course, and NOT in any way as a representative of WW. Because, you know, he’s got nothing to do with this product whatsoever.

    (Actually, I’m willing to believe he’s not associated with anything having to do with the product. But his sidetracking of the thread had all the opacity of the Crystal Cathedral.)

  2. And he has the blasted gall to sound as if he’s taking the high road here?

    *sigh* It’s enough to make me wanna go to GenCon, find the boy, er, man and bitch-slap him.

    I’ve gotta go take a shower now.

  3. No.

    A real woman should drag this annoying little boy by the ear and haul his ass down to a center for women who are trying to escape the life and force him to listen to their stories for a week non-stop.

    But be careful. Because…he knows black people.

  4. I note that he has a job with a university. I can’t help but wonder what his superiors (and assorted campus activist groups) would think of his foray into the publishing world.

  5. Well, a copy of the WW retailer’s info on the game gives his real name, and his user info page gives his location….and a simple yahoo people search thereby gives his address and phone number.

    I’m jus’ sayin’…..

  6. I am going to leave them up. My friends and I have been talking about putting out press on stereotypes in gaming against GLBT people and women. I am just not going to put anything up for a profit until the game is out. In fact I may wait a week after.

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