As expected, the American Taliban succeeded in whipping their bible-thumping sheep into a frenzy, and Kansas has passed one of the most restrictive anti-Gay-Marriage Amendments in the entire nation. Turnout was low, of course, which means that the organized conservatives, told how to vote by their ridiculously-tax-exempt Churches, easily got what they wanted. The amendment isn’t limited to gay marriage, although most Kansas were too lazy or too stupid to realize that. According to this amendment, only traditional marriage is entitled to the “rights or incidents of marriage.” No common law. No domestic partnerships.

To put it in personal terms: if I am in an accident and hospitalized, Laura no longer has the right to visit me, since we aren’t married legally, despite the fact that we’ve been living together for 8 years. She can’t make any decisions on my behalf, or even demand the right to be notified of my condition.

Thank you, American Taliban. But hey, you’re keeping us safe from the “Fags.”

Somewhere along the line, Fred Phelps went from someone Kansans were ashamed of, to someone that Kansans want to emulate.

This victory is only going to embolden the Jesus Freaks, you know. Expect to see more of their agenda pushed on the legislature almost immediately. Bans on Gay adoption, More restrictive abortion legislation, you name it, and it’s coming. Which is why we all need to shake this off and get to work. We cannot let them succeed any further. We need to do more than bitching….we need to organize and we need to fight….HARD.

It should be evident even to the most casual observer that we are in the midst of a Second Civil War….one fought without guns, but a war nonetheless. The other side has been winning because they KNEW it was a war from the outset. They mobilized into armies, they manuevered, and they’ve struck repeatedly. Funny thing about a war, though: It’s only easy to win when nobody is fighting back.

I’m serious about this, folks. Enough bitching. Let’s do something.

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