We had our stage show audition for the KCRF this evening. We performed the first 10 minutes of a 25-minute show.

The results of the evening, in note form:

1) I still hate having to drive all the friggin’ way out to Independence MO. It’s the *KC* RF, people. Not the IRF.

2) We stone-cold RAWKED. \m/ > < \m/ 3) Lots of laughter and applause from the audition panel. 4) We were told that we'd get news only after they finish casting street and scenario. (*sigh*) 5) However, King Ricky's wife told us that apparently he's lobbying to have us, specifically so that we can do "King's Story Time" in the Children's Realm with him, in addition to our regular shows ( and I having done that with him last season, which, according to his wife, was his favorite part of the day — it was a goofy, improved “fractured fairy tale” for the wee’uns, and was quite fun). So, the way I see it, if he’s already angling to get us to help out with that, we’re probably a shoe-in, given that he’s the King, and they can’t afford to piss him off.

We’ll see.