…and now, a mindless meme-break.

Up to my ass in work right now. Need a mental vacation, so this meme is as good as any:

The rules:

1. Open up your media player, winamp, sonix, fire up your ipod, rio, what have you, and put it on shuffle (like it’s not already. I just KNOW you guys like to listen to your music alphabetically!)
2. Skip through the first 25 songs and list them.
3. Add “In my pants!” to the end of each song title.
4. bold your favorites.

My List:

1.Rotating Head in my pants! – The English Beat (yeesh!)
2. Everybody’s Talkin’ in my pants! – Harry Nillson
3. Paris is One Day Away in my pants! – The Mood
4. Thursday in my pants! – Morphine
5. Deep Ocean Vast Sea in my pants! – Peter Murphy
6. Something About You in my pants! – Level 42
7. Pretty Things in my pants! – Rufus Wainwright
8. John, I’m Only Dancing in my pants! – David Bowie
9. Single in my pants! – Vibralux
10. Buried in the Sand in my pants! – Duran Duran
11. Elizabethan Dance Suite in my pants! – The Empire Brass
12. Human Racing in my pants! – Nik Kershaw
13. Woo Hoo in my pants! – The 5 6 7 8s
14. Do It Clean in my pants! – Echo and the Bunnymen
15. Lady Jane in my pants! – Rolling Stones
16. Feeling Good in my pants! – Nina Simone
17. Sin and Buggery in my pants! – Thomas Dolby (possibly my favorite from this entire list!)
18. The Queen and the Soldier in my pants! – Suzanne Vega
19. Ca Plane Pour Moi in my pants! – Plastic Bertrand
20. Everything’s Gone Green in my pants! – New Order
21. Return to Oz in my pants! – Scissor Sisters
22. Can’t Get There From Here in my pants! – R.E.M.
23. Town Called Malice in my pants! – The Jam
24. Elevation (Tomb Raider Remix) in my pants! – U2
25. After Dark in my pants! – Tito and Tarantula

…and now, back to work. In my pants.

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