Another Friday, More Music….

So, that remix thing that I mentioned earlier in the week? The one that I said would probably take me a while? Well, apparently, it doesn’t take so long when you get on a total creative jag. Yup, here it is: Nine Inch Nails – “The Hand That Feeds (@nubis Remix)”. For those of you interested in the process: I slowed the tempo by 15%, as I wanted more of a grind to it. Then, I ditched all of the instrumentation, except for the guitars (which I re-worked slightly, removing a few notes here and there, and changing the amp simulations to produce a different effect). Then I added my own instrumentation (some guitar noodling over the refrain, some synth lines, a more “bottom-y” bass, and a some effects work). I then moved some of the vocals around (I liked the backing vocals, so I decided to make them part of the intro) and added a sample. A quick mix-down pass, and bobs-yer-uncle (or, in this case, I guess that’s “trent’s yer uncle.”). Hope you like it. I had a blast doing it…enough so that I’m going to take a shot at doing some more. I’ve got some source vocals for Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” and Kylie Minogue’s “Slow”, among others, so we’ll see what comes up.

On the subject of remixes last time around, I gave you a track from Nina Simone. I really love her vocals, so I decided this week to give you a pure example of her work. Nina Simone – “Feeling Good”. This is, in my opinion, her best work. Some of you might know it from its use on the promos for the HBO series Six Feet Under. Once the brass kicks in, you totally feel it in your hips. It is, as the kids say, Teh Sexxay. “Birds flyin’ high, You know how I feel….”

Now, for a track specifically requested by Laura: Jim Henson’s Muppets – “Manah Manah”. If you’re at work, folks, keep the speakers down low, and for chrissakes, try not to dance around too much, lest your co-workers look at you funny.

While we’re on requests, Yosa expressed her enjoyment of things trip-hop when last we spoke, and so here’s a track aimed in her direction: Curve – “Alligators Getting Up”. Curve, like most groups in the genre, came out of the UK in the early ’90s. This track is from their 1998 CD Come Clean. Droning wall of synth sounds; heavy, processed beats and spy-guitar licks surmounted by the voice of Toni Halliday, cool and removed. Good stuff.

I’ve always meant to get more Ani DiFranco. As it is, I only have one of her CDs, Little Plastic Castle, which I play the hell out of, since getting it after seeing Ani play on a PBS show when I was living in NYC. I absolutely love this album. My favorite track: Ani DiFranco – “As Is”, almost entirely due to the lyrics. Best line, in my opinion: “‘Cause when I look around, I think this, this is good enough. I try to laugh at whatever life brings. When I look down, I just miss all the good stuff, and when I look up, I just trip over things.” It’s not often that a lyric can be simultaneously funny and true and profound, but she manages it.

Back in 1983, Police drummer Stewart Copeland and Wall of Voodoo singer Stan Ridgeway worked together on the soundtrack to the Francis Ford Coppola film Rumble Fish. I’ve always loved the single that they released, which got some limited MTV airplay. Stewart Copeland and Stan Ridgeway – “Don’t Box Me In” It’s a kind of quirky, unique sound that would never get any airplay at all today.

I’m going to break one of my unspoken rules here and post two songs from the same artist. I had originally planned on just posting my favorite song from Bjork – “Army Of Me,” which I first heard on the soundtrack to Tank Girl. Then I remembered that Laura has a favorite as well, which I also really like, and which is as far from the sound of the first track as you can get: Bjork – “It’s Oh So Quiet.” So, enjoy the belting vocals of an Icelandic Fey, in two distinct flavors.

Got another Mash-up for ya, this time mixing The Killers “Somebody Told Me” with The Cure’s “A Forest” (and I think there are some strains of NIN’s “Closer” as well) TimG – “Cure Killers”.

Lastly, my favorite track by Fiona Apple, from her first album, Tidal. Fiona Apple – “Sleep To Dream”. I love her voice (I’m a sucker for alto women), and the lyrics are brutal and brilliant: “You say that love is a hell you cannot bear, so I say give me mine back, and then go there, for all I care.” Damn.

Wow. Big one this week. I have to learn to save something for the next installment!

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